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more updates

Well, it seems to have become my tradition to update when I'm at this post, so I'm doing so. MAJOR LIFE CHANGES. lots of them. I got married, not to the girl I moved in with, there was much drama there. I'm still working as a security guard (obviously, since I'm doing my traditional update). I'm going to be going back to school in January, studying Herpetology. My current hobby is raising snakes, and I plan to make a life of it. um... life is ultra busy. religious studies into the Sumerian and greater Mesopotamian pantheons. My schedule is ultra busy. I'm working more for less money, as is usual. I have a wonderful wife, and a grand mistress, and a darling girlfriend. best of all they all actually get along well with each other. My wife, whose name is Claire, BTW, describes our relationship like so: "It's like joint custody, only he's not a child, and they have sex with him."

Life, on the whole, Is Grand.

In Gaming news i'm running a good old fashioned D&D game, and the Star Wars game i was playing in went on hold for the summer. it's good, I needed the break.

OH! Also I nearly died again, Pancreatitis this time. 2 years and 1 day to the day of my last hospitalization. Fun, right?


Well, it's been a long, long time since I posted. The only reason I'm really doing so now is because I'm covering a shift at my old job, y'know, the one where I had a computer with internet in front of me all day. And since I'm here I figured HEY! I'll post something up in my LJ and it'll be nice... I completely didn't realize my last post was in january, and it's baffling how fast the year has gone.

Okay, so my life. Still have this great girl, whom I love, and an awesome relationship for the most part. We've got our troubles, but who doesn't? Anyone claiming to have a perfect relationship is either lying or being lied to, imho. We just moved in together in a nice little townhouse two doors down from my sister, who is also a really close friend of mine, and totally weird. Getting unpacked is a bitch.

I've had to rehome my ferret, as I am not around enough to give him the amount of attention he needs, working swing shifts, having a social life, and other concerns keeps me out of the house most days, and, as we all know, ferrets need lots of time and attention to stay healthy. I've also owned (briefly) a python whom I also had to rehome, as the new townhouse management has a "no reptiles" policy. it blows, but sacrifices and all that.

I accidentally joined a Circle, so I'm practicing my faith with other crazy eclectics. It started out with me doing a drywall contract for one of them and ended up with a circle forming, despite the fact that we were all anti-coven and firm solitaries. it just happens that way sometimes, I suppose.

I'm running a Starwars Tabletop game, in the Revised Core Edition, and playing in a D20modern Spycraft Game that is being run by one of the players in my game. I'm also TECHNICALLY playing in a second Starwars game, but I haven't had time to go play with them lately. I only have 5 nights in my week and 4 of them have standing appointments in them, leaving me one night to spend with my girl. she isn't all that thrilled with this, but she gets to spend some of those nights with me too, just not "us time."

I'm looking for a new job, so send "good job" energy. my company has been in a pay freeze for 2 years and I really just can't survive on 22k a year with no benefits. it's paycheck to paycheck all the time, no savings and nothing to put there, either.

i think that about sums up the last year of my life, leaving out some of the more exciting bits about my love life and the complexities of living poly, but it does a decent job of the rest of it. so there you all go. Love!

"We have the best pillow talk ever"

"No baby, you can't give me an orgasm through my nose.... not tonight.... maybe tomorrow"


Long awaited post

Well, probably not, but it is a post and I haven't posted in a long time. I don't get to spend 8 hours a day on my computer anymore. It's rough on my internet life, not being on my computer.

on the other hand, I have an excellent life full of life and fun and good times. I gots a girlfriend, who is awesomesauce, and the other ladies in my life are awesome, too. it is particularly awesome when they go out on dates with each other, cause I mean, really. that's just hot. I quit smoking cigarettes (every now and then I have a pipefull or a hooka) I haven't been drinking nearly as much... my diet has not improved but I am getting more aerobic exercise, at least.

Last night I dreamed I was Sam Neil, and it doesn't get much better than that. There was a submarine involved, also a dirt road in the woods with deer and zebras. The animals were clearing away their own dead, the ones that had been hit by cars, it was interesting.

Last week I had a dream that there was a swinger's club in goodletsville on the site that is currently a Cracker Barrel and Red Roof Inn. In it's place, a 3 story victorian style mansion. I arrived with .... well actually I think I'll use letters ... A, P and J, as well as Sam, my roomie, who doesn't read my journal. We went inside, where there were 2 statues of beautiful girls in fetish gear on pedestals, very life like.. we checked in, were told the owner was in the building and had approved us as guests. We all went upstairs and decided to use the GIANT bathroom/shower of awesome... built to accommodate say... 25-30 people if bathing... 20 or so if using for other purposes. we were joined by 2 people I believe were from general casting.. tall, pretty people, there was a rather hot 6 person scene in the shower, toys were busted out eventually, I remember one very nice crystal piece in particular. After the scene the shower was used to was up, and we all got dry, and dressed, I went downstairs to get some drinks for us, and when I came back no one was there. I drank my drink and waited and no one came back, so I started looking for them.
I wandered the building and met some people.. .the first person I met was a 60 year old lady (read Mistress) she was yelling at the statues to correct their posture, which is how I found out they weren't statues. We talked for a bit, she described the owner to be as being named "g" and having red hair and a beard and tattoos down his arm, and excused me from her presence. I continued to wander. I ran into Rooster in the stairs, he said he hadn't seen anyone and had to go find his wife, I stopped in the main lobby, where my sister was with her husband and his girlfriend cuddling on the couch. they gave me condolences and said they thought they say J leave an hour before with an Italian (don't know why, so don't ask) ... I would later talk with a red headed man with a beard and tattoos to find out he isn't G, and wander the building finding rooms of mirrors, a room all covered in red satin, in floor hot tubs with terry cloth floors, and many other interesting things... and would find that all of the people I arrived with left with other people. I sat on the stairs out front and watched the sun rise, and woke up. It was good to wake up with A in bed next to me to cuddle up to, as the dream really pulled on some abandonment strings.

And I had more to talk about, and a few other details in that dream, but they got cut. I gotta go to work.

Holiday Cheer

I was just reminded that it's "goodwill toward MEN" ... and i think I got jipped this year.

assholes, the lot of them.

Adventures of a Weekend

Happy Solstice, to those of you who celebrate it. Me? I'm gonna have another touch of the vanilla, clove, and cinnamon mead I finished up yesterday and tonight I'll drink a 2 or 3 year old bottle made by an old friend of mine, Andrew, in the company of popelizbet.

I have had a most amazing weekend, that despite having to work on thursday and friday, I've decided to count as a 4 day, because it was so full of win and awesome that it's irrelevant that I was working. I had a date with an awesome girl on thursday, who makes me feel like I'm 15 sometimes. I'm glad that we're taking things slow. The emotional weightiness that is developing there is far more important than all the dirty things I want to do to her. I had another date on Friday with another nifty girl, who is lots of fun to play with and makes very pretty noises. I had a Venician Masquerade XXXmas party on Saturday night, where I was given a new collar and got vanilla flavored massage oil and body creme (and it's really tasty, even if it was on me that I tasted it). The floor show was excellent, and there were lots of interesting toys and gadgets that got busted out by the end, and the host decided after my first drink that what I really needed was half of my tumbler filled with Captain Morgan's Private Stock. Got to spend some time hanging out with another girl who makes me feel all bubbly inside, who I'm having a text affair with. Got some teasing time, and lots of meaningful eye contact. Spent some time as a voyeur, too shy to get any closer to something that I would have liked to participate in, or at least observe closely. Cuddled with another cute girl to sleep (I make a good space heater) and some light play this morning. Then nap (which by all the gods, I needed that nap!) and to the pub for Irish music and pints of cider with my people.

It has been a weekend of pure Dionysian Delight, and now it's solstice. I didn't even realize the solstice was fast approaching til I left the pub tonight, and it occurred to me during the drive home. My life has an interesting dichotomy at the moment. I'm having sex with no strings and strings with no sex, and it's weird, but I like it. We'll see how it all turns out. Patience isn't something I've ever been accused of having, but I'm learning it, and it's helping build friendships that will last, even if the sexual tension fades or is shunted away in time. Hurray for growth!

Thank you to all the glorious ladies I have in my life (and one husband, for smiling at me), and to all the other wonderful people who are there for me day to day. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your worlds.


Dreams and life and things.

Well, I never get to spend lots of time on my computer anymore.. so I never get around to posting. the EVIL FACEBOOK takes up all my time. I hate you all (you know who you are!)!!!!!

My life is going exceedingly well, I believe. my heater just got fixed (32 minutes since the mechanic left) so my house isn't 49 degrees anymore. I'm talking to some very beautiful people who have invited me into their lives. I'm surrounded by love, and warmth and joy most of the time, even when I'm in a nasty bad mood and having days full of fail.

Short post cause I'm running out of time. I dreamed I fucked my male room mate, which was odd. I don't normally have sex dreams about men, and Justin is not someone I want to sleep with. We're good friends, and both aligned in an open manner, but no, he's not my type and I don't feel that way about him.

I dreamed about wolves. More on that later.

Must fly to work.

Videos Post

In Dreams

Well I was gonna do a big dream post and talk about my dreams from the last couple of nights, but I've decided to keep some of them to myself, and instead give you some snippets from the last couple of weeks, since I haven't posted my dreams in a while.

I had a dream that I was making soup, but there was another pot on the boil, too. I was curing human skulls to make into bowls, from which to eat my soup. Once of them I had decoratively cut just above the eye line and bolted back together with these little clips that looked like over sized Frankenstein stitching. I was showing them to someone while I stirred the soup, don't remember who it was though.

I had a very interesting dream where in I was helping throw a party. Puppy was there, so was his now ex wife Chella, A woman I haven't seen in ages named Melissa, and some other people too. I was on the phone with a BDSM supply store that was going to be coming to help set up- "Yes, This is the McGee Party. Coupon code is C-O-M-M-A-N-D." "Oh, yes, Master. We have you on the books and will be heading over shortly with your order, for which you'll be getting the 27% discount, as discussed." "Really, sweets, how many times must I tell you I'm not a 'Master'?" "At least once more, Master." They showed up with 700 feet of rope and a St. Andrews Cross later in the dream.

Last night, I dreamed I owned a strip club. I was in black leather pants and an open fronted puffy white silk shirt that shimmered, and knee high boots that were folded down with silver tooling on the over-flap. Most of the dancers were general casting, and most of the dream was pre-opening set up, so they were walking about in costumes. thegreenyear was my bartender. In the dream she appeared in black vinyl pants, a tight white silk shirt that rode up to show a peak of her belly and black pinstripe suspenders, there was a black fedora hanging on one of the tequila bottles. I couldn't hear what conversations we were having because the music was too loud by that time. memphispagan was there too, sitting at the end of the bar and glaring at me over a drink. A scotch on the rocks, I think. He was in a tight white silky shirt and leather pants, and I believe he may have been the bouncer, but scowl at me the whole dream, he did.

That'll do for tidbits I think.